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Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation sends letter of thanks again to Chairman Liu of Sinopharm for joint efforts in fighting COVID-19
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Recently, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation H.E. Mr. Denis Manturov sent Letter of Thanks again to Chairman Liu of Sinopharm for its urgent supply of protective materials to Russia.


H.E. Mr. Denis Manturov spoke highly of the proactive and professional Sinopharm team and the constructive work done by them, and claimed that this cooperation will further strengthen bilateral trade relationship base on mutual trust and benefit.  


Due to the urgent need for a large quantity of materials, Russian project received concern and support from both governments. Depended on full industrial chain of Sinopharm, Sinopharm International guaranteed continuous shipment of facial mask and protective garment to Russian people when they were at the most need and materials at the most scarcity.


Since 17th Mar when the first protective materials agreement was signed, to 28th May when the last batch of materials were on board, Russian representatives and Sinopharm team had tackled tremendous difficulties including supply shortage, skyrocketing price, congested transportation and overcrowded airport warehousing and provided over 200 million items of protective materials. These 23000 square meters of cargo were transported by 40 charter flights and 3 CRE trains.  


Apart from materials supply, Sinopharm International, as “Chinese national team”, also generously shared experience of fighting COVID-19 like quality control of materials and protection of medical staff. Meanwhile it pushed forward collaboration with representatives of Russian government in terms of treatment, protection and prevention of the pandemic.


The rescue operation carried out by Sinopharm International manifested responsibility, professionalism and capability of medical “national team” and highlighted humanitarian spirit of Chinese enterprise, which was acknowledged by Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Russian Business Agency in China and thanked by Russian government and people winning more respect and recognition from international community for China.

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